is committed to its long-standing tradition of providing professional legal services to clients in their professional and private spheres. Within the individual approach to each client, we place emphasis on building mutual trust and long-lasting relationships, which we strive to achieve through reliability, promptness and professionalism. We provide our services to commercial entities in the pursuit of their business intentions and in the management and governance of business companies, as well as to individuals in protecting and enforcing their rights and legitimate interests in everyday life.


  • Business

    In the business sphere, we prepare qualified legal opinions and analyses in commercial law, with special emphasis on the specifics of Slovak law. We provide legal advice on the day-to-day governance and management of companies, help you pursue your business goals, and find strategic business solutions for you. We render a full range of debt management and recovery services. As a matter of course, we also offer comprehensive services in establishing, modifying and winding up business companies.
  • Litigation and arbitration

    In most cases litigation, whether before an arbitral tribunal or a general court, is the last resort in resolving a dispute when all pre-trial negotiations fail, and the legal situation cannot be resolved other than through legal proceedings. If you turn to us, we will thoroughly analyse your problem, assess the risks, and set up a strategy for the litigation process throughout which we will represent you.
  • Criminal law

    In criminal law we provide comprehensive legal advice at all stages of criminal proceedings. We provide legal services to both the accused and the aggrieved within ancillary proceedings. In the defence of accused natural and legal persons, we set a defence strategy, assess the risks of the client's legal situation, and represent the client throughout criminal proceedings. We also prepare all types of submissions admitted by our laws. We also have extensive experience in representing aggrieved clients in criminal (ancillary) proceedings, especially in seeking damages and claiming non-pecuniary damage.
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring

    The knowledge we have gained in the practical performance of the services of a trustee in bankruptcy have been transformed into comprehensive legal assistance to clients - creditors in the course of bankruptcy proceedings. Our services in this area also focus on legal assistance to debtors in connection with scheduled or initiated bankruptcy proceedings. In this area, we mainly provide legal advice to debtors in resolving their bankruptcy, preparing a bankruptcy petition, and other submissions. We also represent creditors in bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings.
  • Real estate

    In real estate law, we provide comprehensive legal advice by preparing complete contractual documentation and providing legal assistance in real estate transactions. We will conduct legal due diligence, and ensure the successful implementation of your investment plan. We prepare comprehensive contractual documentation related to the lease and other use of real estate. We also represent our clients in zoning and building proceedings.
  • Labour-law relations

    The issue of employment and labour-law relations is rather complicated and specific, especially because of the need for increased protection of the employee as a weaker party. Legal advice in labour law, concerning both employers and employees, includes in particular the preparation of comprehensive contractual documentation and internal labour regulations, and representation in labour disputes.
  • Health / Medical law

    At our law office, we appreciate that human life and health are the most important values in the life of an individual. Therefore, we also focus on the services of health care providers, as well as on public health insurance entities. Our legal services in this area include, in particular, legal advice for health care providers, as well as for pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical products. Given our experience gained so far, we also provide advice to patients, survivors and their relatives in proceedings on a complaint against the conduct of a medical facility before the Health Care Surveillance Authority, as well as in proceedings concerning compensation for health damage, the protection of personality, including filing a lawsuit for cash compensation for non-pecuniary damage.


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